• Reaction to the Home Office's assertion that EU citizens will be allowed to remain after Brexit

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    The Daily Mail has published this article: All 3.5million EU migrants living in Britain 'will be allowed to stay after the Home Office finds five in six cannot legally be deported'

    The article only reaffirms what should have been obvious all along: that EU citizens who are already in the country at the time of Brexit will be allowed to stay, simply because there is no way people who entered the country and lived here lawfully, could be deported, nor can laws be passed with retroactive effect. Looking at the comments posted on this article, it looks like a look of Brexiters were unaware of how the legal system and law making process works, and voted for the wrong thing.

    The article starts by saying:
    There are more than 3.5million EU nationals living in the UK

    More than 80 per cent of them will have permanent residency rights by the time Britain leaves the EU in early 2019

    Theresa May has previously refused to guarantee the rights of EU citizens currently living in the UK

    A source told The Telegraph: 'The remaining people will, of course, be allowed to stay in the UK'
    This is what anyone with any common sense and basic knowledge should have anticipated, yet it looks like many who voted to leave were in for a shock. A lot of the comments posted are extremely xenophobic and some border on neo-nazism. It's hard to believe this is the same PC country that has no objections to burkinis on its beaches and burkas on its streets, the epitome of racial tolerance and multiculturalism as far as minorities are concerned, yet when it comes to fellow Europeans, they turn into racist monsters.

    The comments indicate a shocking level of ignorance of the law and how laws are made and passed. Amongst the misconceptions shown are:
    1. Posters seem to think laws can be reatroactive.
    2. Posters think the law that allows foreigners to acquire permanent residence is to do with EU rules as opposed to UK law.
    3. Posters think it's up to the Prime Minister to decide whether those people can stay or not.
    4. Posters think that the right of permanent residents to remain is negotiable.
    5. Posters reckon the Home Office has no right to make these assertions.
    6. Posters see this as a sign of "weakness" by Mrs May and the Tory Party.
    7. Many appear to have voted to leave on the assumption that all EU citizens would disappear.

    Amongst the comments we have:
    Change our laws then.
    No, the laws cannot be changed retroactively

    Let's see what sort of deal we can make with the EU before deciding what to do about them .
    No, the right to permanent residence is not subject to any deals.

    What a bloody shame. I do hope patriots will join us in making sure they know they are not welcome.
    Welcome? They are referring to people who are already living here.

    This whole story is based on a Telegraph story based itself on a nameless Cabinet source.The 600,000 who don't qualify for residency will be offered an amnesty 'that's a given' said the source. Says who?? Nothing's 'a given' and if Theresa May likes her job she better remember why people voted to Leave.
    It is a given because it is the law and it is not up to Theresa May to decide.

    well let us people make sure its not,,,,, boycott france and germany
    Its nothing to do with France and Germany, nor is it up to "us people" to make sure it doesn't happen.

    Well at least we can get rid of those comiting crimes here that's half of them
    Really? Where did they get these stats from?

    And the backsliding begins!!!!
    No, there was never any other option.

    Actually the country belongs to everyone born here. Others are, more often than not, unwelcome guests.
    Apart from being extremely xenophobic, this indicates non EU citizens residing here legally should also go. Totally unrelated to Brexit.

    Nothing is written. Therefore nothing is guaranteed. Only the final Brexit arrangement will do that.
    Rewrite the laws we are not tied to EU plutocrats anymore.
    The law is already written and cannot be retroactive, it's nothing to do with EU plutocrats.

    The Home Office seems to be locked into the 'we can't do it because Brussels will not allow it' mode. They should realize UK will be able to make its own laws. That could start by saying that UK will from 31 Dec 2016 UK will no longer pay anything to the EU,
    The Home Office never mentioned Brussels allowing or not allowing anything, it's our own laws that don't allow it.

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